Gold Investment

Gold Mining

We operate and maintain mining, processing infrastructure and equipment, and ensure that we have a skilled and trained workforce to ensure cost-effective and safe operations.

We take a holistic approach to exploration, extraction, processing, smelting and environmental protection by applying our “Five-Pronged” Mining Engineering Model on projects, to maximize social and economic benefits.


Investing in gold yields great returns, and its price is much less likely to go down due to market changes than stocks, real estate, or even bonds. If you look into the portfolio of any successful investor, you'll almost certainly find gold, usually in the form of derivatives. Now our clients also have the option to make futures transactions to buy gold and other precious metals. This is one of the most profitable and safe investment options out there for anyone.

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Mining Investment

We Coordinate the development of our mining business with our finance and capital businesses, setting up global platforms that provide financial services and facilitate investment and financing for mining. This is to support our investment and financing activities in the mining sector and our mining operations, and to foster a high-quality value-added chain.

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Mining Logistics

Develop mining-related trading and logistics businesses, build a responsible global supply chain, and create platforms for product sales, logistics management and value enhancement in key jurisdictions where we operate