ESG Sustainability

ESG Sustainability

We are a business committed to regularly engaging with our shareholders

We regularly meet with investors and investor representative organisations across the world to discuss a range of strategy and governance topics including our approach to environment, social and governance matters. Some of the topics we’ve covered with investors in the past include Samarco, human rights, portfolio, long-term value creation, culture, diversity, purpose and executive remuneration.

Risk Management

ApexEmporium applies a single, Group-wide approach to the management of risk, known as the Risk Framework. Risks are assessed to determine their potential impacts and likelihood, enable prioritisation and determine risk treatment options. We then implement controls designed to prevent, minimise or mitigate threats, and enable or enhance opportunities.

Climate Change

Our purpose, our strategy and our position and commitments on climate change provide a clear direction for our climate change strategy. Essential resources we produce are critical for sustainable economic development and decarbonisation and we are committed to supplying them more safely, responsibly and efficiently. Our iron ore and metallurgical coal create the steel that goes into the infrastructure needed for growing cities around the world, including to support the energy transition. Our copper and nickel are required for electrification, such as copper-intensive electric vehicles and nickel-intensive batteries that can reduce the need for fossil fuels and support decarbonisation; and potash enables more efficient and sustainable farming, which we expect will be increasingly important in feeding a growing global population and in meeting the world’s need to decarbonise.

Managinf Our Products

As one of the largest global shippers of bulk commodities, we recognise that our Company relies on the safe, efficient and reliable transportation of our products. We conduct risk-based screening of our transportation providers and only select those who share our commitment to sustainability.