At ApexEmporium, safety is our top priority in every element of our work and is the measure of a successful project above all else. We know establishing a supportive culture is essential to creating a safe work environment, which is why this year’s Construction Safety Week theme of “Strong Voices, Safe Choices” particularly resonated with us.

Throughout Construction Safety Week, our on-site teams held more than 200 safety stand downs on ApexEmporium jobsites nationwide. These intentional pauses in building ensure that we take a moment to reflect and keep safety at the forefront of our minds every day. This year’s on-site all-hands meetings featured demonstrations for a variety of important safety topics and common issues

Outside of Safety Week, our teams constantly find creative ways to encourage on-site teams to speak up when they observe unsafe practices. Every on-site team member is responsible for making safety observations, noting coachable moments, and recording teammate “kudos” for the use of safe work practices. These recorded observations allow us to take inventory of what’s going on at the jobsite level and keep safety at the forefront. Last year, our teams recorded hundreds of thousands of kudos, safety observations, and coachable moments, and as a result, we saw a decline in recordable incidents.